Fashion Patternmaking Blocks Update:

Our Skirt Block Library will be available from April 2019

Creating Fashion Patternmaking Blocks are a bit of a passion for me, I love doing them….call me crazy!

My background as well as lecturing in all areas of Fashion design, is developing block libraries for start up business, fashion labels colleges and custom fit.

The fashion patternmaking block is the foundation of any patternmaking range and a good block is that it is has good shape and aligns perfectly with the measurement chart.

This involves pattern construction, pattern making and garment fitting skills. Once the hard copy is finalised, it is off to our CAD  professional  to digitise, finalise labelling and print.

I have received a lot of messages regarding our introduction of Fashion Blocks and I promise they are coming.

We have been testing, altering and re-testing. I will not launch a block that I feel is not perfect.

We will be offering a comprehensive range from our site and will be on-going from April 2019.

These blocks will be hard copy only, as accuracy can be compromised when you download and print.

The first blocks available  from April are our Basic Darted Skirt Block from Size 4  up to Size 24. …Other sizes are available on request.

Included in the price for our blocks ……

  • Hard copy high quality white 80gsm paper
  • Laminated
  • Seam Allowance
  • Stitching Lines
  • Waist, High Hip, Hip Hem Levels marked
  • Grain lines
  • Hole punch
  • 1 x 220gsm White Cardboard sheet
  • 1 x 220gsm Brown Cardboard Sheet
  • Pattern Hook
  • ‘Signature Needed’ Shipping
  • Online tutorial how to make an accurate block copy.

Please note: 

  • Blocks cannot be combined with other  items as they could be damaged from movement in the box during transit.
  • Laminated paper block should be treated as the Master Block. The pattern card included is to trace off from your master block and produce a new block for your Pattern Making, this way your master will always remain accurate. As your cardboard block becomes worn which it will, you can trace you can discard your old block and produce a new block from your Master Block  and you are back in business.

Other  blocks we are launching later this year are…

  • Womens Dress Blocks  Fitted and Loose Blocks)
  • Womens Shaped Graded Bodice Blocks (Varying cup size darts eg 10A 10B 10C 10D)
  • Womens Pants
  • Children’s Bodice and Sleeve

Any questions please contact us or to keep up to date on development of our blocks sign up for our newsletters