Everyone needs one of these little beauties. A great tool for the workroom or great gift idea for someone special.

This is a very easy project where by you can pick up some new skills. If you have never tried patchwork before give it a go, this is a good introduction exercise.

What is Log Cabin Patchwork?

The origin of the log cabin quilt pattern is difficult to pin down as it appears to have a very long history. A basic explanation of the pattern is that the center piece is usually a square and is completed by adding strips to the center unit in either a clockwise or counterclockwise order.. Depending on the effect desired, light and dark colors are alternated. The quilt colors can be carefully planned out or added randomly as scraps became available.


Range of Fabrics Scraps
Matching Thread
Scissors &/or Rotary Cutter
Clear Ruler
Polyester Fill


Proceed from Step 1 through to Step 15

STEP 1: Select what is going to be the centre your of the cushion, then gently press. Below is a cross stitch embroidery.

TIP: Use a pressing cloth to avoid marks on your piece.


STEP 2: Trim back to 3″ Square or whatever size you would like.

TIP: use a grid ruler to check piece is sure and image is centred.Trim back to 3″ Square or whatever size you would like.


STEP 3: Cut 1 fabric piece 1″ wide x  the length of the centre piece as illustrated.
TIP: Patchwork cutting and sewing is all about accuracy. Take you time to do it exact.


STEP 4: Stitch seam 1/4″ & press














STEP 5: Next panel..Cut 1 fabric piece 1″ wide and the length of you finished piece as illustrated. Stitch 1/4″ & press.

TIP: use pressing cloth in case fabrics have different heat settings.


STEP 6: Repeat this step 5


STEP 7: Repeat this step 5

TIP: Press as you go you will get a much better result


STEP 8: Repeat-Cut 1 fabric piece 1″ wide and the length of you finished piece as illustrated. Stitch 1/4″ & press. for another block


STEP 9: This is how it should look, make sure it is press well.


STEP 10: Cut your backing fabric for the finished measurements of patchwork square.


STEP 11:Rights side of pieces together, pin in place.


STEP 12: Stitch 1/4″ seams leaving a section open to turn through.

TIP: trim off some corner excess before turning through


STEP 13:Turn through pieces through to right side and carefully push out corners with a point turner & press.

TIP: Tease out corners with a blunt point e.g. knitting needle, point turner,


STEP 14: Stuff the pin cushion cover with your choice of fill. (Polyester fill is used here.) Then slip-stitch the opening close.


STEP 15: Congratulations!!!!! Done.

Log Cabin Patchwork